Our Why

“Wealth allows families the means to invest in things like the stock market, education, starting a business, and buying a house. It allows families to live in safer environments, and to pass wealth through inheritance.“¹ Environmental, social, and political justice as well as health equity are all linked to economic status. Ujamaa.Financial has the mission and vision of helping to close the wealth gap, and in the process improve BIPOC lives in all of these areas. Ujamaa.Financial was born because we believe that BIPOC deserve equal opportunity to achieve generational wealth to benefit their families and communities.    

Save some coin. Make some coin. Ujacoin


We chose the name because we believe linking digital, crypto, and traditional financial ecosystems, and making them easy to use, in a trusted environment will ensure the ability of BBIPOC people to grow wealth individually and together.

We chose the name because we believe that building wealth and financial literacy together in community and in families allows us each to succeed individually and inspire each other along the way.

The Fleur de Lis which symbolizes the trinity and sovereignty.

Cowry Shells which symbolize abundance, unity, and affluence.

The Baobab Tree which symbolizes creating your own ecosystem and thriving.

The leaf- Nyame Nti translates to ‘by God’s grace’.


Dana Fry
Banking and healthcare executive

Dana Fry
Banking and healthcare executive leadership. Serial entrepreneur.
Robert Williams

Identity Management, Cloud Computing,
Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology.

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